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Paul Meyr Оранжевая чума против жёлтой угрозы

Miss Pin-Up Girls July!

Miss Pin-Up Girl Competition 2010!

Become the girl of the month and everyone will see your photo!

The girl of the month will be chosen on every month. In the end of the year Miss Pin-up 2010 will be voted from the 12 girls.
The photo of the winner will be shown in front of the site in 2011 and she will also receive a pleasant gift.

- For participation in competition, please send the photos by e-mail:
Or place here: (Registration is necessary)

- Photos are accepted up to 15 June

- Here you can meet the girls who have already sent their pictures to Miss Pin-up Girl July - competition:
- You can choose your favourite girl to be one of the 5 finalists between 16-19.6.2010 on
- 5 finalists of the month will be revealed on 20.6.2010 on
- The voting of - Miss Pin-up of the July - should be done 20-30.6.2010 on

Requirements to the pictures
- Pin-Up style
- Models over 18
- The photo shouldn't be in style of holidays
- Without big logos
- High resolution of pictures
- Winners of the previous month's competition can´t participate

Miss pin-up girls - girls of month gallery

Do not waste this opportunity! You'll be seen all over the world.
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